Childish Hoodies

Custom Cut & Sew Influencer Clothing Brand

Upload Merchandise is the fulfilment partner for The TGF Store. We handle the production, fulfilment, delivery, customer service and store management of Childish hoodies for Jay Swingler and Romell Henry from TGFBro.

Jay, the founder of the brand sits on our board of directors. He has developed a unique approach to merchandise by developing his clothing into a streetwear brand. The latest collection of Childish hoodies are completely custom stitched from yarn, using industry trade secrets to reach a perfected feel similar to brands like Supreme.

The TGF Store is almost always either sold out, or on a countdown until the next launch date. When the website goes live, it instantly receives so much traffic that it has to force people into a queue to check out and then sells out immediately. The demand for this clothing has been created over time by the cult-like TGF following turning these hoodies into collectible items, added on with the fact that they are limited edition and will never be sold again.

We're able to use our knowledge in this field to create your own completely custom line of clothing. The TGF Store can sell more than 15,000 hoodies every time they do a limited edition release, and we can offer this service to anyone who can achieve more than 5,000 units sold of one item. This requirement is in place because custom cut & sew clothing is extremely time consuming and must be ordered in bulk to be economical.