Instagram Event Swag

Ethically sourced, custom produced event swag

Instagram is a forward-thinking company who wanted to take their event swag line-up to the next level. They didn't want to give away free clothes and accessories that people wouldn't actually wear, so decided to come up with a line of well thought-out, minimal event swag and let people pick which garments and accessories they wanted.

As well as wanting to create a line-up of high quality, minimal event swag which doesn't show off the Instagram logo too much, they are also very concerned with making sure that the materials used to create their products are ethically sourced. This means using organic cotton and producing the clothes in a factory that prioritises human kindness over production output.

We were able to join Instagram on their journey and are working with them on a completely new line-up of exciting event swag including jackets made with organic cotton, accessories made with Vegan Leather, and specialised designs and stitching patterns.