ImAllexx Merchandise

On-Demand Printed & Embroidered Merchandise

Upload Merchandise take care of every aspect of Alex's merchandise. We create his designs, put his garments for sale on his store, manage every order that comes in, printing and embroidering them on-demand.

Alex had a very particular vision for his first line of merchandise when he moved to us from his old supplier. He wanted to launch with contrasted hoodies where the colour of the embroidery matches the drawstrings. We were able to produce the garments exactly how he wanted them and assist with marketing to ensure the initial sale through Upload Merchandise was his most successful yet.

We designed and created the Internet Sensation store to his exact specification and set up a professional photoshoot at a studio conveniently close to him in London. By working with us, he has been able to massively increase his merchandise income and work with our brand development team to start his journey of moving away from traditional and basic merchandise, to producing clothing that is more in-demand and a brand that has serious selling power.